Why I Run

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Because... I didn't think I could. 
Because It's the only thing I do just for me. 
Because I love doughnuts. 
And bread. 
And strawberry ice cream. 
And pasta. 
Because I ran that first 5k without stopping. 
Because of Oklahoma City. 
And Boston. 
Because people think it's cool. 
Because I feel prettiest in workout clothes. 
Because there's a place in Riverside Park at 91st where the path curves. 
Because I became a doctor, aunt, and marathoner this year. 
Because there are things much harder than running. 
Because I thought it would be inexpensive. 
Because running shoes are cool. 
And runners are the most encouraging people. 
Because I am strong enough. 
Because I finally stopped caring about the number on the scale. 
Or the size on the tag. 
Because it's uncommon. 
Because this city is magical. 
And impossible. 
And heartbreaking. 
And home. 
Because sometimes you turn a corner and see the Statue of Liberty. 
And the Empire State Building is a normal view on a morning run. 
Because I fell in love in this city. 
And fell out of love in this city. 
And realized I was so much better than that in this city. 
Because I can. 
Because this is my city. 
Because New York.

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