Ready to Run

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Let's discuss all the stuff it takes to go for a run.

Here is what a short weekly training run looks like...

It's pretty easy and not so much stuff...
  1. Lululemon No Limits tank (my fav, no longer in production)
  2. Lululemon Run Times shorts
  3. Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 shoes (new-ish and not quite broken in)
  4. Feetures socks. Good running socks, but the very basic version.
  5. Cheap sunglasses and sunscreen
  6. Earbuds, iPhone (with Map My Run), arm band
  7. Normal 16-ounce size bottle of water (you know what it looks like, right?)
I do three or four shorter runs each week, usually on the treadmill. This normally occurs from approximately 5:07 to 6:23 a.m. each day. I HATE the treadmill, but sometimes it's the best option when it's super hot and/or dark outside. And we're just talking three to five miles, so nothing too difficult. My goal is 10-12 miles weekly, in addition to a long run.

Now, here is a glimpse of my gear for tomorrow's super long, 18-mile training run...

It's a whole different ballgame, people... 
  1. Lululemon What the Sport Singlet
  2. Lululemon Energy Bra
  3. CW-X Stabilyx 3/4 Compression Tights
  4. Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 shoes (with about 150 miles on them)
  5. Feetures ultra cushioned anatomically correct socks (seriously, $17 socks?)
  6. Flip Belt (to hold all my energy gear)
  7. Cheap sunglasses and sunscreen
  8. Earbuds, iPhone (with Map My Run), arm band
  9. One to two 50-ounce bottles of water
  10. One to two bottles of lemon lime gatorade (served every mile along the NYC marathon course)
  11. Clif Shot Bloks energy chews, mountain berry flavor
  12. Powergel energy gels, double latte and berry blast flavors (served at mile 18 on the NYC marathon course)
  13. Banana and granola bar (again... you know what those look like, right?)
It is so so so much stuff. Running may be somewhat low-tech and easy, but it is definitely not cheap. My goal is to try out all my options before the New York City Marathon, so that race day is as perfect as possible. Last week's half marathon was my first experiment with compression gear (like the tall nerdy socks), so this week I'm testing the compression 3/4 pants. Apparently they help your muscles work better. I'm hoping that means that 18 miles feels like three miles. If that's the case, I will purchase every pair of pants they offer. Also my first attempt at energy gels, rather than chews. I hear they're disgusting, but then again, so is running 18 miles.

Obviously, colder weather will bring longer pants, jackets, hats, and gloves. But I love love love cold weather running, so that's when it gets good. Also obviously, I buy gear to make me feel better about the insanity that is marathon running.

Stay tuned for details about tomorrow's 18-miler and next weekend's 20-miler. My max distance so far is 15 miles, so it's a big leap. In the meantime, please feel free to drive around Kansas with bananas and gatorade and some sort of witty encouraging sign. I'm going to need it.

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