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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you've got;
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?

Ok, so in all reality, only about five people in Boston know my name.  You get the idea though.  

Best cure for my yet-to-be-solved small town dilemma?  An entire week on the East Coast for all things  urban, coastal, Ivy League with The Chief.  Oh yeah, and a little dissertation research thrown in for good measure.  More on that later.  Having moved to the Midwest and not seen one inch of public transportation in four months, my big-city-loving self needed that nonstop flight from Kansas City to Boston like you can't even imagine.  And so for one week, I rode the subway to work, enjoyed an ongoing snobby discussion about the best lobster roll in the city, and lived life in a coastal city like a normal person...and loved every minute of it.

Don't you think I could be happy living here?  I could get a small sailboat to dock right outside my harbor-front condo.

We stayed right at the harbor-front near the North End (Boston's Little Italy), eating nothing but pasta, pastries, and lobster for six days.  It was magnificent.

Now, Boston isn't "my" town quite like another Eastern Seaboard metropolis, so The Chief and I took in all the sights and sounds like a good tourist.  We rod the hop-on-hop-off trolley...a lot.  We pretended to be more historical than we are in real life.  We trekked to the JFK Presidential Library, only to find it victim of the government shutdown.  We made way for duckings in the Boston Common.  We walked the entire Freedom Trail in the rain.  We cruised the harbor and ate lobster every single day (seriously).  We got caught up in Red Sox playoffs madness.  We rode the funny little trolley car system pretending to be a subway.  


We heard this song about 18 times in six days...they're big fans in Boston.

(Sidenote: have you ever actually listened to the lyrics of that song?  Who were these people?!?!)

And yes, we both actually did work while in Boston, but that's not really what was important.  Boston, oddly enough, is actually a pretty small town.  I mean, it's gigantic by Kansas standards, but when compared to New York, it's just this cute, quiet little place up north.  Yes, there is public transportation.  Yes, there are lots of people and restaurants and opportunities.  It just feels so quaint and comforting.  After all, it is just about half the size of New York.  But it was enough to get me through just a little bit longer.  Especially since it involved quality time with one of my favorite New Yorkers...

More Boston posts to come, but in the meantime, I'll just leave you with my favorite sight from the two-day trolley tour of Beantown...

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