A Drop In The Ocean

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It all started right here on this very block...

That view right there?  It's the root of all my restlessness/problems/expenses/urbanite adventures/addictions/loves.  You see, 17-ish years ago, The Chief allowed a 13-year-old me to walk solo from the door of our Boston hotel to a bookstore at the end of the block.  I'm sure this was influenced by my extreme boredom of being cooped up in a hotel room and her single-mother-guilt at leaving me alone during her conference.  Little did she know what she started.  Two or three trips each to Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Paris, London, etc. etc. etc.  ... plus ten trips to New York before living there two-and-a-half years ... I'm pretty sure that it all began on that block between the Omni Parker House and a Boston Barnes & Noble.

There's just nothing better than New England as the leaves change.  It's my favorite time of year in my favorite place.  It's foggy mornings and hot apple cider and the smell of the ocean and falling in love.  

It's bright red trees and wandering with nowhere in particular to go and late nights with friends and this song...

So needless to say, I returned from Boston and immediately booked a flight to New York.  All in the name of dissertation research, of course.  Because the only thing better than New England in the fall is New York at first snowfall.  Maybe, just maybe...

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