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Friday, August 30, 2013

It has been a totally monumental week, people.  Really big deal.  Epic things happened.  I mean... as epic as things can be west of the Hudson River.  Let's just be real clear about that before we move on.  There were no celebrity sightings, no falling in love, no New York kinds of things.  But still...

Here is what happened.  It was Hawk Week at the University of Kansas.  Given that I run new student orientation programs, I was a little busy.  In two days, we saw over 600 students at orientation and thousands more at a weekend full of welcome festivities.  Also, I got a sofa...

This was my first major furniture purchase, and my credit card had the charge to prove it.  Thank you, West Elm.  It took eight weeks to arrive, so thankfully my living room furniture no longer consists of an air mattress.  You may now all come to visit.  But um, you could still bring some furniture along.  It's not done yet.  

Hawk Week was sort of like my official introduction to life at KU.  I learned as much as the new students, for sure.  And obviously Baby Sister and Just Matt had to come along.  How could they have possibly missed Hawk Week?

Traditions Night was the best.  We learned all we needed to know to be official Jayhawks.  Also, we had super special VIP seats on the front row of the football stadium.  I'm kind of a big deal.  Also, we love Baby Jay (not to be confused with Big Jay).

Chants and cheers and alma maters and claps later, we were officially part of the Jayhawk family.  Just Matt was super happy.  And it's a good thing, since he was kind enough to build me this gorgeous new bed...

Not even kidding.  It went a little something like this, starting from a door acquired at the architectural salvage store in Wichita...

Obviously, I was extremely helpful in this whole process.  I paid for the door and took the photos.  Everything else was the work of brother-in-law.  But overall, pretty successful weekend in Kansas.  And just when work got really stressful and student issues were way-too-overwhelming, my wonderful coworkers showed up with cotton candy.  Because I have a great job.

But let's just get one thing clear, people.

Sic Em Bears.

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