The Last Day

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's a girl to do on her last day in New York?  Everything, of course.

Obviously, there's probably already a New York trip being planned, but the last day as an official resident of the greatest city in the entire world called for a little celebration.  Also obviously, Baby Sister couldn't possibly miss out on all the fun.  That, or my family was worried that I might not actually leave if they didn't send someone to fetch me.  Without a Baby Sister and a rental car, there is a high likelihood that I would have had a panic attack at La Guardia and just gone back to Morningside Heights. Either way...

So after a pre-last-day dinner of Murray's Cheese Bar in Greenwich Village and snow cones in the Meatpacking District, our official New York day of epicness began.  And how better to begin a New York day of epicness than with a super early Today Show concert, featuring Hunter Hayes...and Matt, Savannah, Natalie, and Al.  Being the resourceful New Yorkers that we are, we managed to work our way from a view-less spot around the block to a half-block from the stage with a perfect view.  Of course, there were Magnolia Bakery donut muffins to keep us company on an early city morning.

The biggest accomplishment of the day/week/year/life?  Driving in New York City.  Yep.  It finally happened.  After two years of living in the city and dozens of trips before that, I finally got behind the wheel in Manhattan.  I was terrified.  Having had more than my fair share of illness-inducing cab rides, I was feeling that same dizziness about trying to dodge those taxis.  Had to drive from 83rd and Amsterdam to 121st and Amsterdam, then find a place to park, all while trying to protect Baby Sister from crazy big city drivers.  Needless to say, we were both nervous...

Luckily, Penny (our rental car's new name, after the still-to-come giant state of Pennslyvania) got us there safe and sound, and Baby Sister even took a swing at New York driving...for about 25 feet.

One trip to DryBar, one Flatiron District shopping trip, one stroll through Central Park, one delicious Plaza Food Hall dinner, and one Broadway show (Cinderella, of course) later... was finally time for the last subway ride.

Neither one of us was ready for the drive that waited the following morning...for so many reasons.  Did you know there aren't subways in Kansas?  I miss it already.  I am confident, however, that it might not totally be my last stint living in New York.  

And once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

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