My Old Kentucky Home

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oh, the road trip.  Or as we lovingly referred to it...Donuts Across America.  It's true people.  So many donuts.  Now, if you're counting, so far the trip has included Magnolia Bakery cinnamon sugar donut muffins, mini doughnuts from Chelsea Market's Doughnuttery, and half a dozen Doughnut Plant treats.  So obviously we couldn't break tradition now.  After the 14 hour Pennsylvania/West Virginia day, we weren't quite ready to leave our cozy Columbus, Ohio hotel room.  But Buckeye Donuts at The Ohio State University awaited.  It's open 24 hours...cause you never know when you might need a donut.

But people...bigger things were waiting for our day.  Triple Crown Kentucky Derby kinds of things.  And if you're not familiar, those are the best things of all.  Three short hours from Columbus came Louisville, my first hometown.  It's where I got my start.  First stop?  Plehn's Bakery, the Chief's favorite, for Triple Crown pie and cheese straws.  

Next up?  My first house.  Look how cute it is.  Baby Sister and I discovered that it's at the corner of Wallace and Willis.  Obviously, those are our new nicknames.  Don't they sound like old school newspaper reporters?

Let's be honest.  There was one and only real reason for our Louisville detour.  And it involved going to the race track instead of going to church that beautiful Sunday morning.  Don't judge.  You're secretly jealous.

Now, in addition to horse racing (and betting), the highlight of our Churchill Downs time was absolutely the Kentucky Derby museum.  It was spectacular.  We tried on hats, dressed up like jockeys, played Derby trivia, and designed our own silks.  Not too surprisingly, we knew way more about the Derby than the 18 year old frat boy tour guide.  

I know, I know.  You just can't get over how cool we are.  We can't help it.  One last stop on the way out of Louisville, just to see what all the fuss was about...

Did you know there are a lot of bridges out there in America?  Lots of rivers too.  All but one of our state line crossings were over a river.  With Ohio and Kentucky down for the day, we were off to Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.

Twenty minute outside of St. Louis, our lovely little road trip day turned to a full out tornado kind of day.  Baby Sister drove through total blackness, horrible rain, and major flooding highways.  By the time we finally reached the Illinois/Missouri state line (also on a very big bridge), we looked down to see that the bridge was actually crumbling away from the heavy rain.  Let me tell you, that's just such a warm and fuzzy feeling to experience.  We could just barely make out the outline of the Arch a few feet away.  So far, not loving St. Louis.

Safely on the Missouri side of St. Louis, we headed straight to The Hill.  Now, everyone told us that The Hill was the place to be in St. Louis.  Old school Little Italy with a St. Louis spin.  What we found, however, was super sketchy.  After crossing the tracks in the thunderstorm, we arrived at a kind of random neighborhood with a few restaurants.  Mama's on the Hill was one of the few open, and with a packed house and an hour-long wait we assumed it was good.  Until we overheard the wait staff talking about how they filmed Restaurant Impossible two days earlier.  You know the one...Robert Irvine transforms a failing restaurant into a still failing but not quite so bad restaurant.  Just add it to our list of strange occurrences from the road trip.  That, and the Russian mafia doing the tango in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton when we checked in for the night. don't all stay at the Ritz Carlton on your road trips?

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  1. You should have hit up Matt Fulmer while you were in the Lou - he has a few great restaurants he could have turned you onto. I lived outside STL (about 60 miles east in IL) for a few years and those storms can be SO SCARY! Glad you two survived it!