Home Sweet Kansas

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Seriously, is this road trip ever going to end?  Before setting out on our cross country adventure, Baby Sister and I made a little deal with Just Matt.  This short version of this deal was that if we simply couldn't make it any further, he would just come get us.  I'm not sure Just Matt agreed to the terms of the deal, but Baby Sister and I definitely did agree.  Well folks, we called for our Just Matt ride from St. Louis.  If you need to know why, please refer to earlier posts involving bomb scares, West Virginia, American Girl, Restaurant Impossible, major storms, and the Russian mafia.  You see, it wasn't so much the driving that bothered us...the driving was actually not bad at all...it was just all the strange stuff that happened along the way and pushed us past the point of delirious.  (And no, Just Matt did not actually have to come get us.)

Luckily, we got our beauty sleep at the St. Louis Ritz Carlton.  And let me tell you, it was worth every penny of the money I didn't pay.  Thank you, travel reward points, for our hotel and Baby Sister's plane ticket.  The events of last year are finally starting to pay off.

So day three.  After finding this cute little local bakery, we trekked to the arch for a not so rainy view of the landmark.   Turns out that when you get to the arch, there's not a lot to do other than stare up at it for a few seconds.  We were definitely not actually going up inside that thing.  Crazy talk.

Besides, Kansas was waiting.  I'm not sure Baby Sister had ever been so excited.  She was kind of ready to get home, I think...missed her husband and her dog.  We properly stopped at the first Quick Trip we saw, then attempted to relive some childhood memories at a throwback Stuckey's truck stop from the good old days.  Turns out the rest of them went out of business for a reason.  But before we could get Baby Sister home to Wichita, we had to make one little stop in Lawrence to check out my yet-to-be-seen new home.

All that sky really freaks me out.  I'm not used to unoccupied land that is not Central Park.  But we found the perfect way to end our great American road trip, with an all-American small town softball game and a sweet pup that missed his girl.

Road trip with Baby Sister?  Absolutely the best birthday present I could have ever received.  And after driving 1600 miles from my front door to her's, I love that my new front door is exactly 160 miles away.  She's just my favorite thing of all the things.

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  1. Sadly - the BEST state park museum is actually BENEATH the arch - it has excerpts from Lewis's and Clark's journals and some beautiful photos and informative displays. Too bad you missed it! Also, going up the top of the arch is actually PRETTY AWESOME (and kind of scary, but mostly awesome!)