Friday, July 26, 2013

I wish I could look outside of my 1300+ square foot condo and see the New York City skyline.  Not that I could see it from my apartment window in Manhattan, but in my mind I definitely could.  With three weeks down in Kansas, I can honestly say that I've never loved a job like I love this one.  They are such great people.  But more often than not, I leave work for the day and am a little surprised to find wide open sky and bunches of trees and a car waiting for me in a parking lot at the bottom of the hill.  I have more cable channels than I could possible ever watch and a whole room just for laundry.  Fourteen windows and a garage for that car that's not quite like the subway.  Still, it's really quiet.  And I miss my city.

Why can't I have the job and my family two hours away and this apartment on the Upper West Side?  (Um, because I don't have $10 million dollars, but that's a different issue.)  You know, with a handsome Jesus-loving man to have dinner with every night and one of those royal babies.  (Come on, that kid is cute.)

I mean, all I every really wanted was everything.

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  1. Kinda like how I want the student affairs job that allows me to stay home with my kids while living close to Jonathan's work and family but on 5 private wooded acres in the middle of OKC where I can still walk to the cool local joints and we go to a church that's progressive but not in a hipster emo way and traditional but not in a "everytime the doors are open and don't drink ever" way. Sigh.