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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The thing about New York is this...

It's all about have the opportunity to do the most amazing, unrealistic things in the world on a daily basis, regardless of whether you actually do them.  Only a New Yorker (one who has actually lived there) will completely understand, but it's the beauty of living on that tiny little island on the Eastern Seaboard.  Stay in bed all weekend?  No problem.  You still had the option to do pretty much anything imaginable.  In the mood for a movie?  Might as well go to a Broadway show instead.  Need to just relax and read a book?  Probably going to do it in Central Park.  Behind on your workout routine?  Take a run on your regular route...down the West Side Highway looking at the Manhattan skyline.  Want sushi for dinner?  Head to Morimoto.  Date night?  Sunset sail around the Statue of Liberty.  You get the idea.  Don't even care that you think I'm bragging.  Because, really, I'm not.  It's just life in New York.

And better than you ever dream it could be.

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