Moving On

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ever tried to move halfway across the country without a moving truck?  Well, if you're counting, it's my second time.  It is not fun.  Here's how it went...

Twenty boxes, four post office trips four blocks away, and $250 in postage later, things were starting to look a little more manageable.  But FYI, that big blue cart was full of boxes of books, so that trip involved a whole lot of yelling at the cart and stubbed toes and strange looks from people on the street.  

So then I turned my desk upside down and filled it with all the remaining stuff to see if it would all fit in the rental car.  Stop judging me.  It made sense at the time.  It no longer makes sense.  Also, that was not even close to all the remaining stuff.

Since I convinced my boss to let me take my oh-so-beloved desk, I somehow managed to take it apart with tools stolen from the elevator repair man.  You should be impressed.

And here's hoping my boss doesn't notice all the holes in the walls...whoops.

But then today, this happened.  The real move, across the street to the residence hall room I will call home for the final two weeks.  That top of a head back there belongs to my friend who was kind enough to help.  We all know I couldn't have done it alone.  Those carts traveled six very long blocks uphill and then downhill and almost right into a parked car.  They have a mind of their own.  Trouble.

So now I'm just looking at a very sad and empty apartment, soaking in every minute of my last night in my New York apartment.  

Two weeks across the street and one 1500 mile drive later, I'll be in Kansas.  And it will be great.  But nothing will ever be New York.

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