Goodbye, Home

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm sitting in an empty apartment, surrounded by plain white walls and a few final bags to shuffle across the street to my temporary two-week home.  I do not like it one single bit.  It is cold and lonely and not at all my home.  You see, this wasn't ever just an apartment.  It was The Dream.  The opportunity to actually live in a place I'd always imagined of calling home.  The chance to hop on the subway and wander the city, rather than just talk about it from afar.  The realization what a real life in New York looks like, with work and stress and love and tears and a little bit of magic.  The understanding of what it meant to live a plane ride, rather than a car ride, away from everything I'd ever known.  The celebrity sightings and the overpriced haircuts and the crowded subways with too many grocery bags and the falling in love.  It was the hardest two years of my life...and the best. 

This Manhattan apartment saw...

20 groups of family and friends visiting the Big Apple
17 Columbia classes
111 pages of a dissertation proposal
36 fantastic and crazy RAs supervised
2 historic hurricanes
1 February with daily snow
2 Nor'easters
1 earthquake
22 Broadway shows
1 engagement (not mine)
1 spectacular wedding planned (also not mine)
1 breakup (that one was mine)
17 trips to Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Orlando, and Seattle
8 amazing new friends
1 great desk stolen for the move to Kansas
0 rent paid
2 unforgettable years of my life

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