Life on the Road

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I've been traveling a lot lately.  Remember how my new year's resolution was to not re-earn my elite flying status for 2013?  Yeah.  I'm well on my way to another year of elite status and not at all going to achieve that resolution.  Among other things, this never-ending travel is the reason for the lack of blog posts lately.  Since St. Patrick's Day (so not quite two months ago), I've been to Orlando, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Houston, Kansas City, and one more trip to Fort Worth coming up next week...some personal, some work, some school related.  I can't necessarily share the details of all those trips quite yet, but will soon.  Promise.  All of this while working in NYC, finishing up my last full semester of classes, job searching, and writing a dissertation proposal.  I actually forgot what state and city I was in the other day.  I found myself flying out of Kansas City and looking for the St, Louis Arch.  Needless to say, I did not find it.  Also needless to say, I am so very exhausted.

Some thoughts on life on the road...

I never unpack my suitcase anymore.  Curling iron, travel makeup, shoes, and chargers all stay neatly packed away in my suitcase, which stays open in my hallway.  Sometimes I don't even unpack the clothes.  What isn't worn on the trip stays ready for next time.

Sitting in the bulkhead seat (first row of the plane) offers the best seat on the plane, best service from flight attendants, and best way to get off the plane faster than anyone else.

First class upgrades are the best thing to ever possibly happen.  Except that now when I don't get upgraded, I know what I'm missing.  It's not so good back in coach.

I had to do eight loads of laundry yesterday to make up for all the travels.  So if you're counting, that's all my clothes.

The Dallas airport has the best food, hands down.  Pappasitos is at gate A28, in case you need it.  They know me there.  Houston Hobby is a close second for dining choices.  Kansas City is a very distant last place.

American gives me nice perks, but the Southwest flight attendants are loads of fun.  Flying Delta next week, which I don't even know what to do with.

I spend a significant amount of time trying to convince non-New Yorkers that we are actually very nice people.  But then I go places like Kansas and meet actual nice people.  I sort of forgot what they were like and don't know what to do when people go out of their way to be nice to me.

My Kindle Fire is a lifesaver.  I spend ridiculous amounts of money on movies for flights.  But if that's my worst coping strategy, we're probably ok.

I get to see Baby Sister and Just Matt just about every two weeks.  Which makes all the craziness and middle-of-the-night flights totally worth it.

I cannot sleep on flights.  Ever.  Monday night I fell asleep for about ten minutes at the very end of the flight, waking just in time to see the most spectacular skyline God every created.  Let me tell you, when the first thing you see upon waking up is the Empire State building and brilliant New York City night, it reminds of you just one more travel lesson...

There is no place like New York.  And there's no place like home.  Especially when those two places are the same thing.

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