Top Chef Columbus Circle

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh my goodness, this is a good one people.  I've been saving it for a little while, just because it's that exciting.  A few weeks ago, I boarded the downtown 1 train for Columbus Circle just before lunchtime.  I waited over an hour.  I bought the cookbook.  I managed to keep my mom in the dark about my plans for the day.  All for this ridiculously handsome Australian chef man...    

If you don't know Curtis Stone, you really should.  He's done a lot of cooking shows on various channels, including Top Chef Masters and Take Home Chef, when he would go to a random grocery store, talk to a stranger, and go home with that person to cook dinner.  He's sort of like Bobby Flay.  It's like all my dreams come true.  Seriously, I love him a lot.  How could you not?

Curtis was doing a cooking demo and book signing for his new cookbook at the Williams Sonoma Columbus Circle.  I got there early enough to be within arms reach of him.  Note to self: if Curtis Stone asks the crowd who among them never cooks, raise your hand.  This lucky dude cooked the whole meal with him.  

Here's a video of Curtis talking, just for the full effect of his Australian accent.  

Since I was front and center, I got to try the stir fry he prepared for lunch.  To be honest, I would have eaten whatever he cooked, like it or not.  When Curtis Stone cooks you lunch, you don't say no.  There was also a warm chocolate chip pecan cookie.  I would have eaten twelve if he offered. 

See, aren't we so cute together?  Too bad he's married to Lindsay Price, one of my favorite actresses, and they have a baby named Hudson, who is gorgeous.  Not that I stalked them through the streets of SoHo last year or anything.  That would be crazy.   

But, um, in case I had stalked them in SoHo, here is what they might have looked like...

So The Chief got a pretty good Mother's Day present from Baby Sister, Just Matt and I.  The Chief loves him even more than I do.  I think he loves The Chief too.

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