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Friday, March 22, 2013

Seriously, someone told me to... "have a magical day!"  How could things possibly go bad after that?  Now, you should know that the last time I went to Walt Disney World was 15 years ago.  The Chief, Baby Sister and I made two trips when I was 13 and 14 and Baby Sister was 9 and 10.  We were wee little things.  If I was in Oklahoma, I would dig through all the pictures in the china buffet and share that  flashback joy with you.  Maybe The Chief can send us some...

So just to clarify, I did give a conference presentation about learning institutional culture, playing the game, and leading through complexity.  I wore a suit and everything.  But as soon as that was over, it was shorts and sunglasses and Disney time.  And it was a great day for the happiest place on Earth...

The only thing that would have made it happier was if The Chief, Baby Sister, and Just Matt were there.  Oh man, it would have been so great.  Maybe we'll take a family vacation this summer?  Also, ironically it is 28 degrees in New York today.  At least I enjoyed that 82 for a little while.  First stop?  Epcot.  

It was the HGTV Flower and Garden Show, so lots of Disney characters made of flowers and plants and such.

See?  Monsters University.  Totally counts as a work trip now.  

Now, the best part of Epcot is the trip around the world.  Eleven countries in an afternoon?  Good plan.  Obviously, we started in Mexico.  I needed some enchiladas real bad.  I may also have tried on all the hats in all the countries.  Sombrero was definitely my favorite.  

Next stops?  Germany, China, Japan, Italy, Morocco, France, United States (um...), Canada (which, as it turns out, is a lot like everywhere else), something pretending to be Africa, England and Norway.  It was a pretty productive afternoon.

Now, I couldn't leave Epcot without a trip to see Figment.  Figment was Baby Sister's absolute favorite.  Nine year old Emily loved Figment a whole bunch.  So I made my friend ride the Figment of your imagination ride.  It was equally as exciting at 29 as it was at 14.  Even bought Baby Sister a stuffed Figment, just for old times sake.

So we headed on over to the Magic Kingdom, because what's a trip to Disney without Cinderella's Castle?

Turns out Epcot is a little more grown-up friendly than the Magic Kingdom, mostly because it has better food.  But still, it is a pretty happy place.  Lots of It's a Small World and flying Dumbo and jungle rides.  Also lots and lots of children.  

So overall it was a pretty great day.  Would have been better with my favorite Disney fans, but still.  But eight hours at Disney?  I'm still tired people.  It's a whole lot of happiness.

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