Finding Nemo

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Note to self.  When accepting a job, perhaps it's a good idea to find out if that position is considered "essential personnel."  In all other aspects of life, obviously I want to be essential personnel.  Friends, family, dating, etc.?  Of course you think I'm essential.  But when the college closes early for a blizzard warning and the official email includes the notification that all facilities, public safety, and residential life staff are essential personnel and not included in the early closing, it's just not quite as exciting.  Essential personnel.  Blah.

But we did find Nemo.  Until moving to New York, I did not know that nor'easter storms have names just like hurricanes.  So of course, this "historic, crippling" blizzard is named Nemo, complete with countless references to Finding Nemo, talking whale, and just keep swimming.  Early predictions called for anywhere from 1 to 30 inches of snow.  Got to love accurate weather predictions.

Yesterday was pretty yucky during the day.  Snow started early, but turned to a rainy snowy mix by lunch and sideways-flying ice pellets by late afternoon.  Chief and I, of course, were out shopping.  By Friday evening, Central Park saw about 4 inches, and my street was starting to look at lot more blizzardy...

Saturday morning, The Chief and I woke to a winter wonderland.  15 inches of a winter wonderland, to be precise.  I made her walk a solid mile in the snow on a quest to document my first New York blizzard, but look how pretty...

So happy snow day, NYC.  If you need me, I'll just be here being essential...

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