Triple Dog Dare

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh people, we have a problem.  Problem is, last summer my super wonderful brother-in-law (his name is Just Matt) sort of jokingly dared me to go to Harvard Law.  Right.  We were watching Suits and I stupidly joked that I had no idea what I would do after Columbia... "and maybe I'll just to go Harvard like those people."  Bad move Katie.  Bad move.  Now, our family is big on bribery and Just Matt has quickly adapted.  So when he dared me to do it, I obviously wanted to know what I would get out of the deal.  You know, other than Harvard Law.

You should also know that I have no interest in another degree or more school or the scary pressure of Harvard Law.  I do, however, have a significant interest in naming my future niece or nephew.

(Disclaimer: To my knowledge, there is no niece or nephew on the way.  Stop wondering people.)

Fast forward to this weekend, family breakfast at the local OKC bagel cafe.  If I'm going to go to the trouble of LSATS and interviews and rec letters and stuff, I just want to make sure Baby Sister and Just Matt don't back down on their end of the bargain.  Harvard is hard work.  And I have enough lawyer friends to know that this is totally a legally binding contract in the state of Oklahoma.

So now I just need the following things:
  1. LSAT (Harvard doesn't post a minimum, but Elle Woods needed a 174, so that will work.)
  2. Something about a credential gathering service?
  3. Previous transcripts (I have a lot, people.)
  4. Two rec letters (to prove that my interest in Harvard is legit.)
  5. Application, personal statement, resume, etc.
  6. $85 (anyone?)
  7. Baby
Now, just to clarify, the agreement is just that I have to get into Harvard Law.  There is no requirement to attend Harvard Law.  Admission = Naming Rights.

So, ummmmm, I guess that's what's happening next?  Might not want to hold your breath on that one, blog friends.  But still, just think of how great it would be.  I just have so much to do to get ready for a little Ross or Rachel... Pacey or Joey... Phoebe or Phoebo. 

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