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Friday, January 18, 2013

Y'all, my job is pretty funny sometimes.  Or pretty much all of the time.  Now, you know by now that almost every single one of my stories cannot be shared, what with confidentiality agreements and HIPPA and FERPA and other acronyms and all.  Sorry friends.

But this week, stuff has happened.  Check it out.

A big part of what we do in Res Life is about serving students and creating positive living environments, which often involves accommodations for a variety of needs or interpreting the what the related laws say.  I mean, someone else interprets the law and tells us how it applies.  So this week in our spring semester prep meetings, we spent a good amount of time discussing accommodating students' emotional support animals.  Apparently that's a thing now.  So obviously I need this emotional support animal of my own, whom I will name Brinkley or Bleecker or Lincoln.

We had a welcome back pajama party for our RAs the first night of spring training.  It was late 90s themed.  Because that's when they were children.

I try to be good at my job and work hard.  Most every day I feel that I meet those goals.  Sometimes I secretly think that I am awesome at my job.  And then sometimes I give a presentation to the wrong room of people.  I am not kidding.  My friend Claire and I, along with a team of four RAs, were charged with introducing Res Life and our policies to new and international students.  We arrived at the room, found them ready, started 10 minutes early, and asked them to please sit back down as they were starting to leave at the beginning.  Probably should have paid a little more attention to that.  Turns out they were trying to go to the right room, where the other half of the students were waiting.  And we left about 100 students in the wrong room with my colleagues who were unprepared to present.  And it took us 25 minutes to figure out what was happening.  Whoops.

Tomorrow I'm speaking to the Res Life team (about 75 people) about community service and civic engagement.  I spent several years leading college community service programs...for community college adult students who were often the recipient of the same services.  So it's been a little challenging to prep for a similar talk to Ivy League kids.  But hey, if I go to the correct room, then we're already off to a good start, right?

Here's a little preview of tomorrow's talk, just in case you have another 10 minutes to burn...

Good stuff, right?

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  1. Love that GSP puppy! And obvi I always love your Student Affairs stories :)