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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So I'm trying to be a runner.  I really, really, really want to be one of those New Yorkers who effortlessly runs her way through Riverside Park and along the West Side Highway and Hudson River. Well, I sort of casually want to be a runner.  I don't want it to be too painful or difficult or anything.

So I have an app for of those that trains you for a 5K race.  I've used it for a couple of years now, but I never make it past weeks one and two of the ten week training program.  I just do intervals of running and walking for a couple of minutes each.  So for 2013, my goal is to make it through the whole ten weeks.  I have no desire to run marathons.  I have yet to experience that so-called runner's high.  But the New York skyline view high?  Gets me every time.

I bought these fancy running shoes, from a running store that did the whole video stride analysis thing to select the absolute perfect pair of shoes for my feet.  As it turns out, I was wearing the wrong size.  In boots and ballet flats and heels, I'm a 9.5.  Running store made me buy size 11.  I feel like some crazy lady with giant feet.  Watch out.

I also got all this cool gear.  When running in NYC in the winter, you have to be prepared.  That's a continuous heart rate monitor and watch, iPhone armband, headphones, gloves, ear-warmer headband, and special running socks.  Apparently runners need special socks?

Here's my favorite water bottle.  It pretty much sums me up perfectly...including said reason for current running goal.

Last week I ran three times for a total of 13.48 miles.  Some of that was walking.  Okay, a lot of that was walking.  Not the point.  My coldest run last week was 30 degrees.  That's really cold people.  

But how do you expect me to continue with week two when my forecast looks like this?

I mean, I don't care that much.

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  1. Katie! I'm just starting one of those "plans" to run a 5K. And there's snow on the ground! Let's do it together!