What's Next, New York?

Monday, December 17, 2012


{the ivy project} got interactive.  Check out the survey over there in the right sidebar.

Here's the deal.  My friends and I really like each other a whole bunch.  Not sure we can live without each other in our lives.  Definitely cannot work without each other.  But really, how much do we work?  It's all Central Perk and Friends and lots of funny stories.  So clearly we have to make the next move together.  Anyone looking to hire six or seven people with a variety of degree subjects and res life experience?  We're a very well-rounded group...English Ed, Adult Learning and Leadership, Occupational Therapy, School Counseling Psychology, International Affairs, Classic Lit, etc.  Together we made a list of cities and decided majority ruled.  Now, clearly this isn't really happening, but it's a nice thought, you know?

So here's your chance, blog friends.  What do you think?  What's next, New York?

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