Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's what happened, the short version that doesn't require stories or details or too much personal information...buy me coffee or something if you want the good parts.

  • 31,595 airline miles flown (seriously, that's a lot I think)
  • Five states (New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Washington)
  • 28 different airplanes
  • 10 cancelled flights (eight of which happened to be in the same week)
  • 14 layovers at DFW
  • Nine Columbia classes with 24 credits
  • At least two dozen hospital visits (none of them for me)
  • One certification exam and qualifying paper completed (kind of a big deal)
  • Nine Broadway shows, plus two trips to Broadway in Bryant Park
  • One wedding (also not for me, but also kind of a big deal)
  • 10 different weekend visitors to Hotel Katie and the Big Apple
  • One trip to the top of the Empire State Building (only one?  totally slacking this year)
  • A dozen or so new celebrity "friends"
  • 103 posts on {the ivy project}
  • First cross-country flight experience (it's a long way out west, people)
  • One major fire in my apartment building
  • Three movies filmed on my block
  • One major hurricane (missed the whole thing), tornado NYC (in which I taught tornado survival lessons), and my first Nor'easter
  • Nine truly spectacular New Yorker friends
And now for some photo highlights of the year that was...

Even still, I'm ready for 2013.  Now about those resolutions...

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