Highway 20 Ride

Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm back...and still thinking about what's next.  

And the theme of the last several posts, which is that I feel like I spend my whole life on planes/in airports (specifically the Dallas/Fort Worth airport) and hospitals (specifically Baptist Hospital in good old Oklahoma City or the St. Luke's ER in Morningside Heights/Harlem).  Remember a couple of weeks ago when I criss-crossed the country on a fun-turned-Hurricane-turned-hospital excursion?  Yep.  If the airlines and my job cooperate, holiday travel begins tomorrow with some quality time with American Airlines, followed by an Oklahoma City/Muskogee/Tulsa road trip.  Christmas a month later.  Loving my newfound frequent flier elite status.  Also lately, I've been to the hospital three times in the last two weeks with students, all of which occurred at hours I should be snuggled in my bed.  This is in addition to the hospital time that was part of the USA tour two weeks ago.   I know that one day soon people will call me doctor, but perhaps I should have gone the med school route instead.  At least I would have been paid like a doctor-doctor, you know?

Airports and hospitals.  This is my life.

But all this got me thinking about another place I feel like I spent my whole life.  I sort of feel like I grew up on that stretch of I-35 between Oklahoma City and Waco, Texas.  From that very first drive my junior year of high school through the months in grad school I made the 4.5 hour journey almost every weekend, those highway miles and little towns and country music stations along the way became part of who I am.  There were Sunday afternoons in Oklahoma City I would have done anything to avoid the hours in the car, and I never dreamed that there would be a day I longed for that drive as much as I do now.  Life was just so much easier then.  It was all Tim McGraw and wheat fields and phone calls with best friends and good people waiting at either end of the drive.  My Friday Night Lights, Oklahoma-Texas line story...

And New York is amazing.  But so are those 300 miles between my two homes.

So when you drive and the years go flying by
I hope you smile if I every cross your mind
It was the pleasure of my life
And I cherished every time
And my whole world, it begins and ends with you
On that Highway 20 ride...

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