Deserted Island

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Look beyond the first glance, the busy streets, the chaos, and the surreal nature of life in New York City, and you just might find that it's kind of like a deserted island.  Somehow this city that is the hub of the entire world sometimes ceases to have any real connection or resemblance to life outside this tiny little 23.7 square mile island.

Hurricane Sandy was definitely a worst-case scenario for this deserted island theory.  With dozens of tunnels and bridges and connections to the outside world, Manhattan was virtually unreachable.  I know, since it took me eight cancelled flights to get back from the west coast.  And people had hurricane parties and played Scrabble in the dark and lived it up, hurricane style.  But in all seriousness, parts of this city are still feeling the hurricane in a big way...and probably will for a very long time.

When you need an escape from the rest of the world, New York is your town.  Life got you down everywhere west of the Hudson River?  New York is your escape.  I love the way you can get lost in this city, wander new neighborhoods, discover fun little cafes and shops, and pretty much just disappear for a while on this island.  Sometimes it actually does feel like a small town (I'm serious), but most of the time it's the perfect place to forget your troubles and escape.  Deserted Island, at your service.

And let's be honest people, it's a pretty darn fun island to get stuck on, if you're going to get stuck.  Here are the latest subway advertisements/reminders of good times in a great city...

And the trapped on a deserted island romantic notion everyone has daydreamed about at one point or another?  It happens here.  When the moment is just right, this city has a way of making someone somewhere is orchestrating this perfect moment of pure New York bliss.  It's those nights when the city pulls out all the stops and almost takes your breath away, and you think to yourself that New York has outdone itself yet again.  The stars twinkle through city lights, a street musician plays the perfect song at the perfect time, and the city creates the perfect evening for perfect things to happen.  Things that aren't real beyond the shores of this tiny little metropolis of an island.  And you forget that magic exists only in the moment...

Because New York is always magic.

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