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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."  (Hebrews 11:1)

I have lived in New York for 17 months now.  That's a lot of days in the city that never sleeps and considers Sunday brunch one of its most religious and sacred occurrences.  Love me some good eggs benedict and french toast, but still...there are more important things.  And when I realized that I was spending more time than I would like to admit on Facebook or other people's blogs and more money than I want to admit on Amazon books, I started thinking maybe I should be more intentional about the things I say are more important.  I'm thinking that it is no coincidence that my Bible study topics for the next two weeks are peace and patience.  Nice work on that one, God.  The last two weeks were about love and joy, both of which I am feeling a lot of lately with all the visitors and other good things happening.  But peace and patience?  Good lessons for a more or less full-fledged New Yorker on the brink of some big things.  

First of all, peace for a New Yorker is just a foreign concept.  The local nightly news is scarier than any crime show on prime time television.  And I generally believe that living in New York develops a kind of unparalleled resiliency and feeling that I can handle anything, but then I occasionally have dreams about bad things happening to major landmarks in this city.  Living in the number one targeted city in the world does not come without a degree of fear.  And every time I turn on the TV I hear about some strange thing happening to some flight somewhere or see that new preview for the scary Flight movie...and it makes me want to road trip long distances rather than board an airplane.  I was never scared of flying until I moved to New York.  Too bad I fly...all...the...time.  In the next three weeks I will be on six flights, and then eight more by the end of the year.  Peace.  Good timing. 

And patience.  I've never been so good with patience, but really, who is?  I always want to know what's right around the corner...what's coming up next.  For at least three quarters of my twenties, I job searched like it was a hobby.  Even when I had a good job that I liked, it's just what I did.  I haven't really done that since moving to the city, because I (sort of) firmly believed that I was exactly where I needed to be.  But I know that there is a time limit on it, and I'm already starting to feel the desire to know what's next creep back in.  I finish coursework in June and don't plan to stay in the city.  But where will I go and what will I do?  I would much prefer to be around people I care about, rather than just move somewhere for a job.  I kind of could care less about the job part right now.  But still...Oklahoma?  Good old heart of Texas?  Someplace else new and exciting?  I don't really need to know right now.  It's just sort of strange to know I won't be here, but not know where I will be.  Patience.  Good timing. 

Also, I'm just pretty excited for some upcoming trips and such.  Good, fun, hopeful patience on that part for sure.  I kept this one particular verse on my refrigerator for most of college and grad school, in the form of a postcard from the good old days of college life at Highland and awesome worship with the one and only David Crowder at UBC.  I'm not really sure that I knew what it meant at the time, but I like the postcard and it seemed like a good idea.  Seems like an even better idea now.

"Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your law, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts."  (Isaiah 26:8)

And now just for fun, one of my new favorite, listen on repeat, happy songs...

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