Flyover States

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So here was the plan...

Leave New York last Friday, stop briefly in Chicago and then arrive in Seattle for a long weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Return to New York late Monday night (yesterday), then work for the rest of the week (including several events and a Halloween party with a superhero costume). Leave again Friday morning (November 2) for Dallas, where the fam would pick me up and head to Hill Country for Baylor Homecoming, finally returning to good old NYC on Sunday November 4.

So here is what actually happened...

Went to the airport Friday morning to be met with a two hour delay. My flight was stopping in Chicago before continuing on to Seattle on that same plane. No worries if there was a delay since I didn't have to worry about missing my connection. But when I went to ask the gate attendant about my new arrival time, here is what she said: "Oh honey, this one's not going to Seattle anymore." Cool lady, thanks for telling me before hand. So before I knew what had happened, I was on another plane bound for Dallas. Yes, Dallas to get to Seattle. Awesome geography lesson there. So there I was in Texas, just taking off at the time I was supposed to find my Seattle person at the airport.

By the way, did you know that Seattle is really freaking far away from New York? It's a big country out there people.

And just as I got settled on the west coast, I got confirmation on what I suspected. Hello, Hurricane Sandy. Before I left, I prepped my hurricane supplies just in case. I thought it was totally obsessive and probably unnecessary, but I'm good with natural disasters for a reason. But I was right. So I have no idea what I will return to find, but I'm not returning anytime soon.

Instead, I'm chilling in Seattle for a few more days...

So now my plan is to leave Seattle tomorrow, fly to Dallas, drive to Oklahoma City to check on a few things, drive back down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming with my family, and finally fly back to New York on Sunday. Who knows if it will actually turn out that way. I was definitely not packed for a trip like this.

But the more of them you see, the more you understand why God made those flyover states...


  1. Glad you had some good weather while you were in my hometown. Hope that the damage isn't too bad when you (finally) get back to NY. Hugs to Good Ol' BU for me. I miss that place. :)

  2. What a ride! So glad you're getting a little trip to Waco. That will be good for your soul! We're heading down there in a few weeks (actually, to College Station for a family thing and then stopping on the way back) and staying with the Shelburnes who are back at BU now. Can't wait!