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Saturday, October 6, 2012

So here's the deal.  Not to brag or anything, but it's not often that I feel stupid.  I am a pretty smart person.  I generally can handle just about anything academically and hold my own in these Ivy Leagues.  I usually feel like the hardest part was getting in.  And it was really hard to get in.  Columbia is a pretty big deal.  I wrote a killer essay on Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle, in which I read and cited the original works (well, you know...the translated ones).  It was impressive people.

(Sidenote: I went on a date last weekend, and the cab driver who took me downtown told me I looked brainy.  Um, thanks?  Not exactly what I was going for mister.)

But then we got to statistics.

People, it's bad.  Real bad.  Worse than bad.

Yesterday, I read seven chapters of my statistics textbook and spent about seven hours attempting to answer four homework problems.  After three hours and a few tears, I went for a run through Riverside Park.  I may or may not have listened to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack along the way.  I used an entire eraser and almost a whole notepad in my attempt to answer these four questions.  

That last one was the worst.  I erased that page and started over at least six times.  And I know that I could have called friends or a tutor or something, but I felt like I should at least give it a good effort before I called for backup.  Math just never has been my thing.  I can write essays and argue theories and be philosophical all day long, but give me a basic math problem and we're all screwed.  Luckily my class is pass/fail.  But that still means I have to pass, you know?

So if you know statistics and want to help, call me maybe?  I mean, I don't know who you would be...who knows statistics?  Why is that even a thing?  And why did God invent Z scores?  Except that I'm pretty sure God did not invent Z scores, because He loves me too much for that.  But me maybe?

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  1. YOU CAN LEARN THIS KATIE!!! I wish that you were at UCLA instead, so that you could be taking the class that I co-teach on research methods on higher education which would take you through the easiest stats !!

    But since you AREN'T here.... trust me, you can do this. Don't think of it as math - think of it as logic and you'll be OK.

    I believe in you!
    :) your statistics-knowing/teaching friend Tiff