Tornado 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hahahahaha.  New York City had a tornado this weekend.  It was seriously the one of the funniest things I have ever experienced.  Almost as good as that time we had a hurricane.  (Here's my Hurricane Irene recap, if you need the back story.  It's a five part series, so just go back to August of 2011 for the full story.)  But back to this weekend's twister in NYC.  Pretty stinking funny.

Ah, the comforts of home...

There I was sitting in my Saturday morning stats class (which was it's own special brand of disaster, but that's not the point right now), when I started getting weather alert texts.  It was raining really super hard, but I love that kind of weather.  No big deal.  But then everyone started texting and questioning and posting on Facebook about an apparent tornado in Brooklyn.  I mean, obviously we weren't paying attention to stats on a Saturday morning.

Here's some video from the local NBC affiliate, just for "proof."

And some storm chasing shots for emphasis.  I love the Aussie accent...

Things quieted down for a bit, then picked up right as class was ending and we were headed to dinner across the street.  I seriously gave tornado survival lessons (basements, no windows, what to do when driving, etc.).  Meanwhile, the college sent an email with emergency procedures, which focused on asking students to please close their blinds and shades.  Hate to break it to you New York, but that's not going to help you one little bit in the event of an actual tornado.  It was great fun, people.  Gary England would have been proud.  This morning the local news reported that there were no injuries, so that's good.  And then the gave a "Top 5 Tornadoes of New York City" special report and graphic.  The meteorologist proudly reported that yesterday's tornado ranked as an EF0.  My first thought?  "You people are so cute."  An EF0, really?  That's not even a thing in Oklahoma.  Talk to me when it's a mile wide and moving slower than dirt.  

But just for fun, here are super fancy shots of a storm we had at the end of July.  People also freaked out about this one.  From the ground, it really just seemed like a little rain.  But still, cool pictures...

I'm such a sucker for a good storm...

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  1. I am STILL laughing. I read this. Laughed. Read it to Casey. Still laughed! Oh, New Yorkers! EF0!