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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last year, one of my super fantastic New York friends once told me that one day when I flew back into New York I would be glad to be back, instead of being sad my weekend home was over.  And I finally believe him.  

Last week, I had a New York first.  I purchased a plane ticket to Oklahoma with less than 24 hours notice, in order to deal with a little (big) family-related medical situation (no worries, all is fine now).  On Tuesday afternoon, I spent approximately not quite $700 to be in Oklahoma on Wednesday morning.  And at 4:28 Wednesday morning, I was standing on the corner of 116th and Broadway hailing a cab.  I landed in Dallas to a beautiful sunrise as big as Texas, and by 9:45 a.m. I was on the runway in Oklahoma City.  The Chief actually met me at my gate instead of baggage claim, since she literally got on my very same plane to head to a business trip.  We hugged at the gate and she handed me the car keys.  True story. 

But anyways, after a particularly rough week/weekend in Oklahoma and very little sleep, I was more glad to see that New York City skyline than ever before.  The plane flew right along the Hudson River, right next to the best skyline in the world.  And as always, it's the best reminder of just how much I love this city.  

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with Glee.  Lots of times I kind of hate it, but I love musical theater and Broadway and anything even closely related.  And then Glee goes and pulls a number like this, and I just can't help but love it.  

And I love that song, especially the Hudson River references and the Riverside shout out.  I live on a block right between Broadway and Riverside.   And this is my view from my favorite "running" route, Riverside Park.  I start at 116th and run along the outside path until I get to 96th street, where I curve into the park just in time for my favorite spot in the entire city.

"There's a place in Riverside Park at 91st street where the path curves and there's a garden.  Brinkley and I will be waiting."  

One day I will get a puppy and name him or her Brinkley.  I found a beagle puppy yesterday and really wanted to get it and name it Brinkley.  Sadly, it already belonged to someone else.  But one day, I'll name a puppy Brinkley just out of respect to my favorite spot in this city, memorialized by one of my favorite movies (the other is Sleepless in Seattle...see a pattern here?).  Okay, maybe it's my favorite spot because the world's best movie ending took place right here.  I don't care.  Hopeless romantic and not apologizing for it.

In case your day needs a boost, here's the movie ending...

Maybe one day you and Brinkley will be waiting, whoever you are.  But really, that would be kind of awkward I guess.  I don't look so cute when I run.  Think, Phoebe on friends.  And really, I use the term run in a very loose sense of the word.  It's really more like a fast-ish type walk in which I occasionally run a block or so before returning to my walk.  But just when I need a little inspiration to keep going, the city always surprises me...

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