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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So you all know by know how ridiculous New Yorkers are, right?  I mean, these people will pay for anything.  ANYTHING.  Obviously, I am just crazy jealous about a lot of it, but who is counting, right? 

I always used to think that if I ever won the lottery, my first purchase would be someone to do my hair every single morning.  Even with the best of intentions, it just never works quite right.  I always end up with lines in strange places or burn marks or something else equally attractive.  Someone else to just wash and style my hair on a daily basis?  Living the dream.

Enter Manhattan's blow-out scene.  These women pay money multiple times a week just for other people to wash and style their hair, which last, at most, for a few days.  These blow-outs can range from $40 to $60 to $100 to a whole bunch more.  There are salons dedicated solely to blow-outs, nothing else.  They're like the dream of New York living.  Clearly, a luxury not even remotely present on a grad school budget.  But still, I always wondered.  

Enter DryBar.  I was curious.  I like them on Facebook (just in case).  I saw that they were doing a training session for new stylists.  Since it didn't involve scissors and dye, what's to lose?  Free $40 style?  I'm in.

So here's the before, of me doing it myself...

And here is DryBar...

People, it's like the best place on Earth.  Disney for New York women.  Michael Buble playing in the background.  Sex and the City 2 movie showing while your hair is washed and styled.  Drinks and cookies.  And best of all?  iPhone chargers at each station.  Being that mine was on its last 5%, this was definitely a selling point.  After one of the most relaxing hours I can imagine, I emerged with new hair (named the "Cosmo-Tini"), a gift card for future services, and invitations to future training sessions.  All for the generous gift of my time for their service.  Seriously.  

End results of the "Cosmo-Tini"... 
(Please excuse my inability to take photos of myself.  It looks better in person, I promise.)

So true to childhood dream, I still want to go there every single day.    Maybe I could add it to the official {the ivy project} katie tour?  Oh so much fun people.

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  1. I'm going to be real here and tell you that, until about a year ago when I finally looked it up, I had zero idea what a blowout included. Such a foreign concept! Love the hair, btw :)