Museums and Music and Daydreams

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here is what I do on Labor Day in New York City: I go to the Met (the museum, not the opera).  It's the best place to just get away and wander and forget about work and school and such.  Mostly, it's the best place to daydream.  Just imagine...blocks and blocks of Van Gogh and Degas and knights in shining armor and other cool things.  My absolute favorite lazy day activity involves an iPod and museum and daydreaming.

See?  Good start already.

Also, it is free with my Columbia ID, so that helps.

Labor Day is always my survival, must get to that day on the calendar date.  The month-long training for work is over and move-in is complete.  This year even more so, since I was on call last night.  Now, legend has it that the Sunday night before Labor Day is the worst night of the year to be on call.  Students are back on campus, away from parents, and don't have class until the day after Labor Day.  Bad combination people.  And true to form, the legend lives on.  It was a long night people.  Long long night with not so much sleep.

So I needed to get away.  Big time.  First of all, I took the bus...all by myself.  This is a big deal people.  I've only taken the bus with other people.  It's not scary or anything...just confusing.  Buses in New York don't run in straight lines like subways do.  They're all over the place.  But I was tired from the not sleeping, so bus it was.  And it was super easy.  I grabbed a bagel from my favorite Upper East Side grilled cheese deli and enjoyed it on the steps of the Met.  Turns out, the grilled cheese place has the best bagel in all of New York.  Check it out: E.A.T.

First stop inside The Met?  Rooftop Garden.  Seriously maybe my favorite place in the city.  It's only open from April through October, but I just would stay up there all the time if they'd let me.  I mean, it's worth it people...

So that's all.  Museums and music and daydreams?  Good Monday.

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