Hidden Treasures

Sunday, September 9, 2012

You just never know what you're going to find in New York.  In just under 23 square miles in Manhattan and not quite 6,500 miles of streets in New York City (sidenote: I'm not so good with math, but how does that work?), there are thousands of hidden streets and blocks and secrets just waiting to be discovered.  Wandering this city is better than any attraction.  It's the best part of living here for sure.  

Like the other day, when I found my dream New York City home.  8 Morton Street in Greenwich Village.  It's the emerald green front door...love at first sight.  Also, it is around the corner from the city's best cheese shop, Murray's.  Deliciousness.  Also, it has recently come to my attention that I need four bedrooms and ample living space.  Lots of visitors people, and like it or not, only so many people can sleep in my tiny little apartment.  It's necessary, really.

And then today I met a friend for brunch down on the Lower East Side, home to a few of my favorite New York hidden gems, but so far off the beaten path from anywhere any tourist might find.  Like Schiller's.  Rachel McAdams and Patrick Wilson go there a lot in Morning Glory.  I went there first, though.  Nothing bad can happen to you at Schiller's.  It is physically impossible.  If you go to Schiller's, good and happy things are bound to occur.  

Schiller's wasn't today's brunch stop.  I just felt like I should share.  But seriously...don't tell people and let the secret out.  It's just mine.  

But brunch today.  My friend said to walk east on Rivington from Bowery and not to miss it.  That I would definitely miss it.  No I won't, I thought, but thanks.  I am awesome at directions and navigation.  It is a secret talent.  Totally missed it people, because it was at the end of this totally shady, wouldn't even give it a second glance kind of alley...  

But then I found Freeman's waiting, conveniently located at the end of Freeman's Alley...

And inside, I found this super secretive delicious establishment that kind of makes you forget you're in New York, except that the ability to do that is the hallmark of quality in New York.  New Yorkers will pay big bucks for the illusion of escaping New York.  

I would imagine that, like Schiller's, Freeman's has the potential for lovely dreamy things to occur.  For sure one of my new favorite happy places.  But still, it's no Schiller's.  

And just for emphasis, parting words on the way back down the alley...

So keep your eyes open friends, because you just never know what this city has waiting when you least expect it.

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