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Friday, August 24, 2012

So here's the deal.  Sometimes my job/life is super intellectual and academic and Ivy League smart sounding.  Sometimes it resembles something more like Baby Sister's life in early childhood education, with bulletin boards and art projects and snack time.  Snack time is important no matter how old you are.  For the last seven days, we've been nonstop RA training for the new academic year...lots of talks about crisis management and building community and other good things.  Lots of sitting in classrooms and group work.  So today was the best...because today was field trip day!  Oh my goodness...field trip day is always the best day.  

I spent a good week torturing my RAs about our mystery retreat location.  You should have heard their version of what was going to happen.  Helicopters and pedicures and paint ball games were all on their potential list.  Wrong, kids.  We hopped the M4 bus from Columbia to Washington Heights/Inwood (the northern tip of Manhattan) to visit The Cloisters.  It's this super cool medieval castle type situation built by the Rockefellers and is now a museum.  Check it out...    

After our museum tour, we wandered through Fort Tyron Park and Washington Heights for lunch at La Marina, this brand new waterfront restaurant along the cliffs of the Hudson River.  It's about as far north as you can go and still be in Manhattan.  That's the George Washington Bridge in the background there.  They happened to be filming an episode of Mob Wives at the restaurant, which I now know is an actual show.  For real.  My RAs were pretty impressed.  I was mostly a little scared that I hired people who watch Mob Wives.  But I'm not judging, except that I totally am.

Last (unplanned) sighting on our afternoon adventure off the beaten path?

Good lesson to end training and start a new year, I suppose.  I mean, how can I argue with that?  

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