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Sunday, August 12, 2012

So here's what happened...

I disappeared from the blog.  It's because I had this little test type situation.  And by little test, I mean the only test that's ever really mattered.  I mean, yes...I got myself into Columbia.  But don't pass this test and it's adios Ivy League.  And so I studied like I've never studied before.  I made study guides and charts and graphs and a bunch of other things I may or may not have actually used.  I wrote seven practice essays on the seven test topics.  Yes, you read that right.  I wrote papers that were not even required.

Who am I?

Really, I have no idea.

But I rocked it.

So this test...certification exam...required for all doctoral candidates.  There were seven possible topics (transformative learning, experiential learning, adult development, leadership, program development, literacy, social action).  On test day, we were given four to write about.  All day exam in a computer lab, an hour and a half for each question.

Oh yeah, and the computer I was using crashed on question two.  Whoops.

I won't find out the results until maybe Halloween-ish.  Passing the exam is one of two parts of the certification process.  The other is a qualifying paper, but that's practically already halfway done.  Once all that happens, then I move from being a "doctoral student" to a "doctoral candidate."  Impressive, right?

So it's a huge relief to be done with this whole pesky exam business.  I promise not to be quite so MIA in the future.

Cause good thing are happening this fall people.  Really good things.

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