Going For The Gold

Monday, July 30, 2012

Here are some things I learned from the first three days of London 2012 Olympics.

1.  Moms are pretty important (even though some of them are a little "enthusiastic").

2.  Your chances of becoming an Olympian are significantly improved by the fact that your parents, grandparents, siblings, next door neighbor, etc. were Olympians.

3.  It's not ok to just be the best...because someone else will sneak by and be better.

4.  Oklahoma City's Oklahoma River really is the best for Olympic hopeful training (nice shout out during this morning's rowing competition).  Love the OKC love.

5.  The Queen is a pretty funny lady when she wants to be.

6.  Sometimes it is ok to blame someone else...like when they trip you or make you crash your bike.

7.  Missing a major door/gate/chance in life could lead to a major setback.  (sidenote: that whole kayak on the rapids through those tiny little gates sport looks just awful).

8.  Speed Walking.

9.  You can pretty much make anything a sport, as long as there are rules and a winner.  I could totally take gold if there was an obstacle speed walking course staged in Times Square on a Friday night right before curtain for Broadway shows.

10.  Like Whitney said...all you really need is one moment in time.

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