Could Have Been A Jayhawk

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Isn't it funny how one tiny little decision a dozen years ago could have changed everything?  Don't you just sometimes wonder what life would be like if you did one thing different a really long time ago?  

Twelve years ago, The Chief drove a 16-year-old me and 12-year-old Baby Sister to Lawrence, Kansas for my very first official college visit to the University of Kansas.  I was maybe going to go to journalism school.  But Baylor University is impossible to resist, and I will never, ever for a minute regret the six years I spent in Waco, Texas.  In a lot of ways, Baylor feels more like home than anywhere else on the planet.  It's my place, and it became my family's place.  Baylor captured my family in a way that no one would have expected...a few more degrees among us and a dozen years later, it's just impossible to imagine us without Baylor.  But what if I chose differently?

Baby Sister recently married a KU Jayhawk.  Since she loves him and we love him, the Jayhawks are slowly becoming part of our lives.  Now, since I'm kind of a higher ed nerd, it should come as no surprise that I still love college visits.  So The Chief and I took a road trip to see the newlyweds, and the newlyweds took us on a road trip of their own.  Next stop: Lawrence.  (Sidenote: Kansas has a lot of fields.  And cows.  And sky.  And other things not seen in New York City.)

Oh hey, remember that time we decided it was a great idea to sneak onto the basketball court at Allen Fieldhouse, home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks?  Pretty sure we probably weren't supposed to do that.  

After the slightly unauthorized tour, Just Matt took the girls on the official Canfield family tour of Allen Fieldhouse.  He was really super excited.  Possibly the best day of his life since he married my sister.  Big deal people.  Big deal.

Testing our wingspan in the interactive museum.  Clearly, Just Matt won...

 Compared foot and hand size to famous KU athletes.  Pretty sure Just Matt won those games too...

Pointing out the third most important person in the museum...Just Matt's uncle.  He played some ball awhile back...

Of course, we had to pay our respects at the historic tribute to the basketball court...

After stopping to take in the epic experience that was Allen Fieldhouse (no really, we actually stopped to reflect on what had just happened in our lives), we took a little drive around KU's beautiful campus.  We would have walked, but well, there's a really big hill and it was 106 degrees.  Afterward, Just Matt took us to The Wheel, his favorite pre-game restaurant.  Think Eskimo Joes, Lawrence-style.  Turns out they were closed prepping for a Tri Delt reunion.  But then somehow we met the owner, so obviously he decided he liked us and welcomed us in for a private lunch.  Well played Just Matt...well played.

After a little shopping on Mass Street, the 106 degrees got the better of us.  Good thing we had a boy to drive us home to Wichita.  More shopping and eating later, we finally went back to Baby Sister and Just Matt's house for family game night.  Yes, we are a family game night kind of family now.  Puppy really wanted to play the game too...

So I guess all that's left is to fulfill Just Matt's dream of me being president (or "assistant president") at the University of Kansas.  Just give me a few more years on that one, ok?  (But if you happen to know someone at KU or just about anywhere who wants to give me a job next year when I finish my doctorate coursework, please tell them how awesome I am.)

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