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Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh yeah, I have a blog.  Do not judge me for the delay between posts.  I did not forget about you.  But people, it's very difficult to have a job, get a doctorate, play tour guide, and blog at the same time.  Something was bound to slip.

But here's a quick recap...

Two trips across the Brooklyn Bridge with my two weekends of visitors.  Great weekends with some of my favorite Okies and Texans.

Doughnut Plant doughnuts.  Seriously, doughnut doesn't even really come close to describing the amazingness of these things.  The square doughnut?  Vanilla bean glaze with fresh homemade blackberry jam filling.  It's square so that you get a little bite of jam with every bite of doughnut.  But who doesn't love a square doughnut?

Kangaroo cup at Max Brenner.  I mean, there was plenty of dessert to accompany the kangaroo cup, but you've already seen those pictures.  Don't you just love that little pouch for the chocolate to melt into your coffee?  Genius.  (sidenote: spell check just corrected my spelling of the word genius.  figures.)

Bryant Park yoga.  There are promotional pictures of me doing what I'm sure are beautiful, perfect downward dogs and tree poses wearing adorable Lululemon outfits.  Or...very embarrassing, never to be seen pictures of me attempting to do yoga and falling flat on my face.  Either way.

Ran into these fun Baylor friends at Teachers College for a conference...

Went to Katz's Deli for the first time.  Total New York institution of a Lower East Side Jewish deli.  Also, where this particular scene of this iconic romantic comedy was filmed...

Oh yeah, seventh trip to the Empire State Building.  They should give me a punch card or know, buy 10 get one free?  Totally worth it.  

Greenwich Village food tour with my aunt and cousin.  So much food.  So much fun.

Oh, New York...

Sushi at Morimoto.  Oh man people, oh man.  We just kind of wandered in off the streets wanting to look inside and ended up with three sushi rolls.  And it was way more affordable than you might expect...just $30 for the three.  Of course, had we kept ordering what was definitely the best sushi we had ever had, that might not have been the case.  Totally worth it though. 

And just because maybe it's true...

Love, New York.

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  1. Oh man sister. I want a doughnut so bad now. So so bad. Do you think you could order one just for me? Maybe it can be shipped overnight? Or maybe it's just a really good excuse to come visit then...

    P.S. If you were really going to try to ship doughnuts all the way to Kansas, I hope you'd send me more than just one.