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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New favorite New York experience, chapter 5,963...

Bryant Park Yoga.  Oh man, it was fantastic.  Like I said a couple of days ago...just when you're convinced that New York has beaten you down too far and taken too much, there is something like springtime yoga in Bryant Park and all is right with the world.

Bryant Park has always been my favorite place in Manhattan.  It's just this one tiny little piece of grass from Fifth to Sixth avenues and 42nd to 40th streets, surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic and the insanity of the city.  But right there in the middle of New York is a perfect little piece of heaven.  The east edge of the park is the New York Public Library, so that alone settles it.  In the winter, it's home to an ice-skating rink with the bestest rules for ice skating you can imagine (must love ice, must be awesome).  Every Monday night in the summer hosts the HBO outdoor film festival.  Warm weather brings the terrace cafe, lit by lanterns and begging for romance.  It's my place that I dream about good romantic lovely things happening.  

And every Tuesday morning and Thursday night from May to October hosts Bryant Park Yoga, sponsored free-of-charge by my favorite addiction, Lululemon.  I'm new-ish to yoga, but there is nothing like this ultra-relaxing, meditative type exercise happening to a soundtrack of honking horns, rumbling subways, and urban chatter.  What can I say, I'm a city girl.  And I am totally outdoorsy know, in the sense that I enjoy eating fancy cupcakes in urban parks.  I will say that in my newness to yoga, the seven-months pregnant instructor totally showed me up.  Is your body supposed to bend like that?  I'm thinking maybe not.  But after the last few days at work, Bryant Park Yoga was the absolute best way I could have spent my afternoon.

If only everything in New York was that easy...

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