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Saturday, May 5, 2012

You know all that talk about how life in New York is totally normal, not that different from life anywhere else, and just completely a regular kind of life?  It's all a lie.

Yes, the majority of my days are spent doing totally normal things.  I sometimes go a week without leaving my neighborhood, get busy with student drama and crises, procrastinate studying and end up with busy last-minute writing sessions at the Teachers College library, and eat a baked potato for dinner instead of anything fancy.  I do my own laundry and carry my own groceries on the subway and normal New Yorker things.  Yeah yeah yeah...

This week, The Chief came to visit and I did an absolutely horrible job of proving to my mom that my life is very simple and normal and lived on a grad school budget.  She arrived late Saturday night, and here is how the week went.

Sunday: Brooklyn.  Celebrities don't go to Brooklyn.

Monday: Piers Morgan and Diane Von Furstenberg sitting next to us at ABC Kitchen.

Tuesday: Food Network Chef Geoffrey Zackarian in SoHo.

Wednesday: Nick Jonas, Beau Bridges, and Michael Park in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Thursday: Curtis Stone and Lindsey Price walking with their baby Hudson in SoHo.  (Now, I didn't take any of these previous pictures, obviously, but this was a tabloid shot from them walking right next to us.  Same clothes and everything.)

Friday: Matthew Broderick and Kelli O'Hara in Nice Work If You Can Get It. (I actually did take these pictures.)

Saturday: Who even knows?  The bar is set really high.

So yeah...maybe my new-ish life in Manhattan really isn't so ordinary.  The Chief obviously does not believe my whole, "I live a poor little grad school life on the Upper West Side" protests.  But people, it's been a really fun week.  

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  1. I wasn't jealous until I saw Matthew Broderick. I fell in love with him when I saw Ladyhawke back in the 80's and have been ever since. Jody knows and supports my crush by Making sure I see all movie and TV appearances. I can't, however see all his stage appearances, because I don't live in NYC! :(. I can only live vicariously through you, so keep up the good work!