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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Y'all do know how much I love subway marketing...

Which leads me to say...sorry for not sitting in my apartment blogging a lot lately.  I've been a little too busy out playing in the city to catch you up on happenings in New York, but I promise to share lots of Easter weekend updates on {the ivy project}.  So where were we?

Well I got a little distracted on the whole dissertation/school work thing, and here is why: Baby Sister convinced me to read The Hunger Games on my new Kindle Fire.  I had seriously protested this whole crazy business, but I do love my baby sister. And people, I read the whole 400-page book in two days.  And then I saw the movie that same day.  And then I ate cheesecake at Magnolia Bakery.  And now I'm halfway through the second book.  Whoops.

So after that, I was super motivated to get back on track with school.  Until national championships rolled around the next day.  You see, I am suddenly kind of a really big Kansas basketball fan?!  Where did that even come from?  Oh yeah, Baby Sister married a Jayhawk.  So I watched March Madness, and then I was definitely going to study.  But then the Baylor University Lady Bears basketball team also played in the national championship game, so obviously I went to the Baylor New York alumni club to watch with a few fellow fans.

And then...well, I promise I really was going to write today, but The Chief sent me a J. Crew gift card, so obviously I went shopping in SoHo this afternoon.  But here's the thing about New York...just when you get used to just navigating the streets, moving from one place to the next, avoiding tourists, you turn the corner headed home to this view...

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