Strawberry Fields Forever

Monday, April 16, 2012

There's something about Spring in New York that makes you feel like every little thing is going to be ok.  Parkas are traded for sun dresses.  Earmuffs switch to sunglasses.  There are finally enough leaves on the trees that you can't see through them anymore.  Cherry blossoms and tulips pop up everywhere you look.  90 degrees in the city today.  Hallelujah.

Armed with a camera, an iPod, and a morning off, I took a little stroll through Central Park today.  And people, it's really just about the best place on Earth.

I even found a turtle family.  Obviously, I named them Danny, Mike, Ed, Mary, Delinda, Sam, and Nessa.  (And if you get that reference, I love you even more.)

And just where you least expect to find it, the world offers a little park bench wisdom...

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