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Monday, April 30, 2012

So here is pretty much an exact play-by-play of The Chief and I's dinner conversation...

"Chief, who is that sitting over my shoulder?" (knowing full well who it was)

"Oh, I know who that is..."

"Piers Morgan"

So since my back was to him, mom gave me the play-by-play on their dinner.  I mean, the man looks good.  And that British accent.  Impressive.  Piers, who I have always kind of loved, was with a younger girl we both thought we recognized and a much older man.  Mom is telling me how an older woman joined them at that table and presented a gift to the younger girl.  The Chief tells me all about how the girl opens the gift, which came inside a soft cloth bag.  You know the kind ladies...the type of bag that protects a much nicer, prettier, more valuable purse inside.  (Note to men: if giving a gift, the best bags always come inside of bags).  Mom tells me that the protective bag says DVF on the outside...and we're both pretty impressed that this friend of Piers Morgan has given the girl a Diane Von Furstenberg purse.  And I casually glance over my shoulder...

"Mom, that's not a DVF...that is DVF."

And there, sitting next to my friend Piers Morgan, is Diane Von Furstenberg. DVF, who invented the wrap dress and reinvented New York.  DVF, who lives above the shop that I will one day stroll into and casually buy a wrap dress of my very own...or five.

I mean, that's a good dinner people.

Now, because you're dying to know by now, we were at ABC Kitchen.  ABC Kitchen is my absolute favorite place to spend a New York evening.  Now you know why.  But the food is amazing, the atmosphere is dreamy and romantic, and it's just generally fantastic.  I.  Adore.  ABC Kitchen.

I mean seriously, check out this dessert...

After lobster and crispy chicken and so many delicious things came a sundae with salty caramel gelato, homemade dark chocolate ganache, and caramel corn, as well as warm seasonal glazed donuts.  Places like ABC Kitchen are the reason I run and spin and just eat cereal so many days...and so worth it for sure.

So all of those blog posts when I insist that life in New York is really just like life anywhere else, that I have a normal life with normal responsibilities, that it's really not all fancy restaurants and movies stars?  Just ignore me.

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