First Love

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It has recently come to my attention that the newest member of our family doesn't fully grasp the epic-ness of Baby Sister and I's childhood loves.  It all started with that Dawson's Creek video yesterday.  I mean, how you even begin to explain Dawson's?  These things are extremely important in order to understand just what she and I are talking crazy about at any given point.  They are our first loves.

So before Just Matt proposed, we introduced him to "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton."  Critical viewing before deciding to become part of our family...

And of course, he got this one right on...  Well done with the Riverside Park proposal, Just Matt.

And I'm not sure if he knows this one or not, but it is also vital.  Super duper important.

But here is where the real learning begins.  So pay attention, anyone interested in befriending/dating/marrying one of the two of us.  I'm telling you, maybe take notes.  It is that important. There may or may not be a test later.

Because you never get over your first love...

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