The Dream

Sunday, April 8, 2012

When I think about the next place I will live, here is what I dream about...

Washer & Dryer
Consistent, Abundant Hot Water
Outdoor Space

Now, those may seem like really simple, trivial things.  You are all currently thinking, what's the big deal?  Everyone has those.  But oh man, if everyone had those.

Here is what my life would look like...

Cute little washer and dryer in my apartment, instead of the five loads I lugged downstairs and paid for and spent all day Friday taking care of.  Having a washer and dryer in your New York apartment is the absolute epitome of luxury in this city.  I know you all think I'm joking, but I'm not.  Only extremely wealthy Manhattanites have laundry inside their apartment.

Windows.  Ah, windows.  I mean, I have four windows in my current New York apartment, and every single one of them looks out onto an airshaft and other people's apartments approximately eight feet away from my windows.  Forget a view, I can't even tell what the weather is at any given moment.  But yeah, a view would be nice.

Now, I live on the 10th floor of a very, very old building and the hot water heater is in the basement.  So if I am lucky enough to get five minutes of hot water to shower, it is 30 minutes after I turn on the shower.  Forget water conservation.  And most of the time (like today), hot water is just a distant memory from a former life.  But in the dream, I would have hot water all the time, enough to take luxuriously long bubble baths, again preferably with a view.

And if we're going for the life I will never live, let's just go ahead and throw this in...

My version of "outdoor space" involves opening my windows...the ones that look directly into someone else's apartment and the air shaft.  I will never have this Central Park West terrace.  Probably will never even get to visit a Central Park West terrace.  But oh man, if only.  I mean, I'm not going to lie.  I would put the washer and dryer and bathtub and everything on the terrace if I could pick just one thing from my list.  And I would invite you all over for fancy parties on the terrace.  Fantastic.

Sure would be a nice life...

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  1. I can totally relate, Katie!! We DO have outdoor space in the form of a 3-foot deep balcony that is not big enough to sit on (and frankly standing on it with one other person makes one nervous) but we only have 3 windows, and do not have a washer/dryer either. We pay $1250 for a one Br/one ba with those amentities (and a window AC unit in the living room).

    Our "dream" apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, so that we can have a place to put a small child someday, and in the short term could put both our desks in one room (my workstation is currently in our bedroom), and an "en suite" washer/dryer. We also hope to find a place that's pet friendly. Currently, places like this in nice neighborhoods rents for $3000/month. We have found a couple further from school for $2000/ month.

    Its ridiculous, and so I encourage you, and I encourage us, to leave LA and NYC and head to the middle, where land is a plenty and real estate is cheap! :)