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Friday, April 27, 2012

Just when the world has given up on a tiny little town in the middle of Texas, dreams come true...

Number two pick in the first round of the NFL draft?  Two top 20 picks?  A Heisman trophy?  People outside of Texas who know what Baylor is?  Good stuff people.

The other day, my search for the best grilled cheese in New York took me to Melt Shop on the East side.  Definitely good, but I'm not ready to go right to "the best."  But winter came back to the Big Apple this week, so I was rocking my green and gold Baylor sweatshirt that day.  Young employee at Melt Shop noticed the sweatshirt and couldn't help but grin.  And here is how our conversation went...

Him: "Baylor?!  That's Awesome.  That's my favorite team."

Me: (struggling to find the words...did some random kid in NY just say that Baylor was his favorite?!?!)  "Yeah, me too.  I went to school there.  Did you?"

Him: "Nah, I just love them.  RG3."

So here's some twenty-something kid in New York City who has probably never been to Texas who is Baylor Proud.  Dream come true.

For the first time in the more than a decade that I have lived and loved Baylor, people don't laugh when I say I went to school there.  They don't automatically talk about how bad it is, before adding some sort of consolation about how the school is good, but shouldn't have sports.  The academic in me has always been surrounded by people who admire the rich tradition and excellent reputation of a Baylor University degree.  But when you grow up in Big 12 country, or America for that matter, inevitably that's not what people seem to care about.  And that's always been ok with me...although it sure is fun to be on this side of it too.

(Side note: For every single fan of a Big 12 school near my hometown who has ever made a comment about how Baylor shouldn't be in  the Big 12 or have a football team, I told you so.  We carried the conference this year, not you.)

I love so many things about RG3, but most of all, I love that he uses this new national spotlight to point all glory to God.  He knows that it's not about him.  And on the stage of the NFL draft, he reminded us that to whom much is given, much is required.  Good lessons today.  And when asked how he felt about being the savior of the Washington Redskins, RG3 was quick to make it clear that is not true.

Because he knows the Savior.  And that, my friends, is what Baylor University is all about.

Sic Em RG3.

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