Oh What A Night

Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh my goodness, this one is my absolute favorite...

So yesterday I had the afternoon off and was planning to go to the movie before a weekend full of studying.  But then I said to myself, "Self, why pay $15 for a movie when you can go to a Broadway show for ten little dollars more?"  Or at least, I thought I could.  You see, most of the shows sell student rush tickets for $26-38 per ticket, beginning when the box office opens each day for that night's show.  But you just never know if it will work.  When I saw "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." I waited in line for three hours for my partial view orchestra tickets ($30 each).  So it's worth it, but definitely a time investment.  So back to yesterday...

I hopped on the subway with a list of five shows offering $26 tickets.  It was about noon when I got to Times Square...two hours after the box office opened.  I started with "Jersey Boys," because well, it is just my absolute favorite.  Seriously, if you haven't seen it you must.  So very fun.  Just don't take the kids.

And just like that, the man handed me an orchestra seat, eighth row, for $26.  Oh my goodness.

I spent the afternoon in Union Square, browsing through my favorite used bookstore, The Strand, and wandering through a super cool, crazy expensive new store I found, Olde Good Things.  Then, just because I could, I had lunch at one of my favorite places, Mario Batali's Otto pizzeria.  It's the only Mario Batali restaurant I can afford, mind you, but it's fantastic.  And who should be having lunch there, but the lead singer from Journey, Steve Perry.  Obviously, I had absolutely no clue who he was...the waiter told me.  But still, it counts.  Last stop before the show?  Insomnia Cookies.  Yep.

Now, Otto pizza and Jersey Boys is totally the Las Vegas routine with The Chief and Baby Sister.  We absolutely adore Otto and Jersey Boys, Vegas style.  It's our favorite.  But, well, Baby Sister had to go and get married to Just Matt (who we love, by the way), and The Chief went to Kansas to visit the newlyweds this weekend.  I had to do something to entertain myself, but it sure did make me miss them. And it was fantastic last night...it is really the most fun show on Broadway.  And "Who Loves You," the last song in the show, is my definite favorite of all the other favorites.

So if you ever want to make me really happy, make sure it involves Otto, Jersey Boys, old books, and some sort of baked treat.

But now here's the part that need not be repeated...

I leave the theater at 52nd and Broadway, head to the subway at 50th and Broadway, swipe my MetroCard, and pull out my Kindle Fire, because obviously I am 48% of the way through "The Hunger Games" and am totally hooked.  And then I find out that no trains are running to that station.  Would have been helpful before I swiped, you know?  So I walk one avenue over to the C train, swipe my Metro Card, and get back to my book.  I hop on at 50th and off at 59th, intending to change trains at Columbus Circle and take the 1 train home.  But there is a huge crowd on the 1 train platform, because someone got sick on the subway and they cleared the train.  So no trains running there either, and I've now wasted two swipes.

So up to street level I go, resolved to pay for the cab home.  Except I can't find a cab, because it's 10 p.m. and there are never cabs available at 10 p.m.  People are either going out or going home.  I consider calling my brother-in-law to take me home, except he lives in Kansas.  It would take him awhile.  So I walk up Broadway, doing the half-backwards walk while I look for cabs that might be approaching from behind.  And by the time I get to 67th, I am convinced that it's a sign from God to go to Magnolia Bakery, which is at 69th.  It seems packed, tables full, cupcakes waiting.  And the doors are locked, because it closed four minutes ago.  Dang it.  I cab it home, singing "Who Loves You" in my head the whole way.

I am quite worried that this discovery of super easy student rush tickets will be bad for my bank account.  But Jersey Boys for $26?  Oh what a night.

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