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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting ready for a wedding is kind of like being a movie star.

All I had to do was wake up and get myself to the church.  People just materialized to transform hair, perfect makeup, zip dresses, and remind us to put on jewelry.  It was fabulous.

The bridesmaids arrived at 7:00 a.m. on the dot to get beautiful for the big event.  Hair stylists curled, pinned, and perfected each girl’s hair, starting with the bride and mom, of course.  Jennifer, our new favorite makeup stylist, primped bride, mom and maid of honor until every last detail was perfect.  Courtney, Em’s other maid of honor, planned the perfect playlist for the morning of the wedding, complete with Disney and “Going to the Chapel” and the “Wedding Singer” Broadway soundtrack.  Donuts and coffee and lots of laughs later, all that was left was the dress.

And by dress, I mean Vera Wang. 


Should I say it again?  Vera Wang.


I’ve been waiting four months to tell someone, anyone, that there was a Vera Wang gown hanging in my mom’s house.

The bridesmaids cleared out for mom and I to help with the dress.  And it was perfect.  She was perfect. 

And people, I totally lost it.  I didn’t expect to cry that much, and when I saw my baby sister in her Vera Wang wedding gown, I lost it.  It started slow, and then I just couldn’t help it.  Sobbing.  Bad.  Borderline ugly cry.  Dad was waiting just outside, and I went to fetch him, ugly cry and all.  It’s totally my fault that my parents couldn’t hold it together.  I was a mess.

She’s just so pretty!

Luckily, Jennifer had not done my makeup yet.  I pulled it together enough to allow Jennifer to fix my sobbing crying face into wedding makeup perfection.  

Baby Sister and Just Matt chose to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony began.  They had a few private moments to stare and giggle and pray…exactly what they needed before 400 pairs of eyes stared for 45 minutes.  By the time they moved on to pre-wedding pictures, I was finally dressed and joined the wedding party for a slew of photos. 

But still, the big moment was yet to come.  And the closer 11:00 a.m. drew, the more real it seemed, and the more everyone’s hearts began to flutter. 

And then it was time…

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