Pocket Full of Dreams

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh people, this city is the stuff dreams are made of.  If you are a girl from Oklahoma with big city daydreams, it doesn't get better.  Alicia Keys really did say it best with the whole "concrete jungle where dreams are made" business.  And yes, I love living here.  And yes, Columbia is a bit of a higher ed nerd's dream.  But who grows up thinking, "I really, really hope that one day I will write a dissertation about a topic no one except my family cares about."

And so now I confess my secret dream fantasy life.

So after this on Sunday...

And this on Monday...

...here is what I'm thinking:  Is is too late to ditch the higher ed career and become a Broadway star?

I mean, in order for this to happen, I need vocal abilities I don't have outside of my car, dance skills I never quite mastered, and to lose about 20 pounds.  But every time I go to a Broadway show, I just secretly sit there daydreaming about being the girl on stage, the one who steals the show.  Blame small town theater productions my parents took me to and Baylor's unbeatable All University Sing.

Now, one time it happened.  Well, sort of.  I went to a Broadway show a few years ago that invited the audience on stage during curtain call.  I did not want to see that show.  I was in no way interested.  But I went, because I had heard the rumored reputation of the show's grand finale.  So with about a hundred strangers, I sang and danced my little Okie heart out on that stage.  It was grand.  Bucket list experience, for sure.

But wouldn't be great to sing "Defying Gravity" or another equally show-stopping number on the Great White Way?

Maybe I should just start with making more money to just go to shows.  That would do for now, I suppose.  You know...until I see my name in lights.

'Cause no one is every going to put my dissertation on a marquee.

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