Dream Life, Take One

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guess who got a fancy new camera for Christmas?  I am that much closer to realizing my dream of taking pretty pictures for a living and not dealing with the drama of a real job.  And since I live in the greatest city in the world, I'm in a pretty good place to get a little more practice.  So expect a lot more artsy, tourist-in-my-city posts over the next few months.  

Yesterday I took the subway down to Chelsea Market, a food lover's paradise.  Located in the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market is an old abandoned factory that now houses tons of tiny little restaurants, food markets, shops, and the Food Network studios.  I could spend all day there.  So armed with my fancy new camera, I took a few not-so-bad shots.  That is, until the camera battery died.  Note to self: in new life as photographer, be sure to charge the battery first.  So for now, here's a little preview of what's to come...

Now, do I brave the six inches of snow for beautiful Central Park snowy pictures?  Yes?  Wish me luck...

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