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Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, it's official.  I broke up with Verne.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Who is Verne?" or "Why didn't I know that Katie had a boyfriend?"

Verne, if you recall (please see this previous post), was my super fantastic, hard core personal trainer.  The one my new gym assigned for a two-session free trial, then sneakily tricked me into thinking I could not possibly live without.  Smooth move, new gym.  So after two sessions of butt-kicking, I absolutely knew I needed more.

But then came the DTR talk.  That's "Define the Relationship," for all you readers who didn't go to Baylor or grow up dating in the last decade or so.  It's the conversation that inevitably does not go well and leaves both parties confused, surprised, or just disappointed.  The DTR happens when one person is frustrated that the relationship is not moving as quickly as he/she would like and wants to put a label on what's happening.  If you are in a good relationship in which both people are super happy to be together, there's really no need for the DTR...the "boyfriend/girlfriend" thing just happens.

So Trainer Verne and I scheduled the DTR to discuss the future of our relationship.  I was prepared for it to cost me something, but I was ready, you know?  Verne, who was pretty much my therapist by this point, said I needed the 10-session package, and he would even throw in two free sessions to make it 12.  That's two sessions per week for the six weeks I'll be in New York prior to Baby Sister's wedding, which is now an unbelievably short seven weeks away!  That's perfect, I thought to myself.  Verne and I are exactly on the same page about the future.  Success.

But then, he told me what it would cost.  And folks, when the man said 950, I actually thought to myself, "950 what?"  And then he wrote it down for me, conveniently adding the dollar sign to make it clear.  Here is what went through my mind... "Do not act that horrified in front of him.  Wait until you get back to the locker room to freak out."



Sometimes I forget how out of my league I am in this city.

I called Baby Sister and The Chief as soon as I left.  They both laughed, so I figure that was a pretty good indication of where we fell on the whole including it in the wedding budget idea.  Apparently, if I continue to see Trainer Verne, it might not really be that nice of a wedding after all.  Something about having to return the wedding gown...needless to say it was not so good.  So for the sake of Baby Sister and Just Matt, I knew what I had to do.

So bright and early Sunday morning, I met up with Verne prior to an early spin class.  I avoided him at first, then decided to be a big girl and just do it.  It went like this...

"It's not you, it's me."

"That's ok, really.  We can still be friends."

And I'm not even kidding.  But now it's just going to be awkward, you know?

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