Random Airport Thoughts

Friday, December 23, 2011

I am stuck at La Guardia, running on no sleep, and just praying that I make it home tonight. So here's what I'm thinking...

Having to travel home for Christmas makes me want to move home.

I wish I could afford to fly first class, where they have those nice comfy beds that lay flat.

Where did the people sitting next to me get Chipotle? Jealous.

I am getting tired of flying. Not just today. In life.

Why do people fly with dogs?

I don't understand why if takes four hours to fly to Dallas but only three to fly from Dallas. Four hours is an eternity.

Please don't let me fall asleep waiting and miss my flight.

Maybe the upgrade is worth it after all.

What happens inside the rich people lounges?

I would rather be driving down I-35. Yes, I just said that.

Mom better bring cookies to the airport.

I just feel so much better when I've at least made it to Texas.

It doesn't feel like Christmas yet.

New York is a pretty cool place. But it's not home.

"If I ever get back to Oklahoma, I'm gonna nail my feet to the ground."

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  1. I spent a good 5 hours in LaGuardia this past summer (with a toddler, no less), and I have to say that it earned a spot in my book as Worst Airport Ever. So sorry you're stuck on Christmas Eve! Safe and quick travels to you!!!